Welcome to the official website of N.A.X.

5.3.2007 - New photos uploaded.

2.4.2007 - Daf meeting in Holland

viikko 20 - Booked for a Dutch group.

18.4.2007 - Smokesauna evening

viikot 21 ja 22 - Trip to Lapland

27.5. - 18.6.2007 - Promotion in Holland

3.7. -13.7.2007 - Booked for a Dutch group.

7.7.2007 - Smokesauna evening

14.7.2007 - Swamp-volleyball

21.7.2007 - Promotion at the Rantsila fair

N.A.X. is a traveling company in Rantsila, Finland, which offers different kinds of relaxing and adventurous experiences. With us you can, for example, drive an off-road truck or ride a snowmobile in the thrilling forests of Finland. We can take our clients to Lapland to experience the exotic nature and beautiful landscapes of the Northern region. Customized trips can also be arranged. The ways to accommodate alter with our clients’ hopes. Check out our website and let us fulfill your adventurous wishes! Feel free to contact us if you have anything in mind.